Electromechanical vibrating grizzly - Pre-screens

scalpeur_7_sinexSINEX vibrating grizzly - pre-screens with unbalance motors are used for extraction under hopper and for separating the product in a processing line.

Settings: the amplitude is mechanically adjusted by angular displacement of the unbalance of the electromechanical vibrator.

The transport trough of the conveyor is divided into two parts: a receiving area for extraction followed by one or more grids of bars for separating blocks and fines.

Options: equipments installed or hung, open or closed, with or without wear-resistant coating or others (synthetic rubber etc.).

Performance: Inclined from 0° to 10° can improve the performance of the equipments in certain cases.

Advantages: Constant volumetric flow. To avoid jamming in the grid, the bars are positioned divergently in the direction of flow of the product.