Vibrating tables / Compacting tables

table_4_sinexSINEX vibrating tables have been designed and manufactured to solve a problem like  packing down, compacting and separation and testing,  for maximum loads from  few kilos to 20 tonnes.

Their simple and  robust design guarantees long life time  with a continuous work, and almost maintenance free.

They can be used in the most varied sectors of modern industry:

Packing down / compacting: They are used for packing down powdery and pasty materials, parts, primary products, semi-finished products, finished products, fillers, etc., and therefore offer very effective service  for: the preparation of materials by de-aeration, the production of moulded parts (concrete, core boxes, steatites, capacitors), confectionery, chocolate factories, sweets, ..., packing and packaging

Separation: They provide dust removal, dewatering and cleaning of parts after shot-blasting, sand-blasting, etc.

Tests: They are perfectly effective when used for tests of mechanical resistance to vibration of materials or devices for the aeronautical, marine and automotive industries, among others.

table_5_sinexSettings: The amplitude for the SINEX electromechanical vibrating tables is mechanically adjusted by angular displacement of the  unbalances of the motors s and the frequency is adjusted by inserting an electronic regulator.

For the electromagnetic tables, the setting can be adjusted  by  the  electronic board.

Two vibration principles:

Straight vertical vibration: by two unbalanced motors  or by an electromagnetic vibrator.

Elliptic circular vibration: by one unbalanced motor.

Mounting: SINEX vibrating tables can be inserted very easily in  standard or automated manufacturing chains and can be either attached to the floor or to a lift table when they are in a pit.