Vibrating elevators

SINEX vibrating elevators are space-saving manutention equipment for powder products or objects of small size.Layout A

They consist of:

  1.    inner column of suspension, sealed at ground level.
  2.    a vibrating part made of a cylindrical tower on which one a helical conveying chute is welded.
The connection between the vibrating part and the column of suspension is made elastically

Helical turns are formed by embossing the metal to prevent from the retention of products.

The vibration is produced by two unbalanced electric motors type MV set on the cylindrical tower at diametrically opposite points. The SINEX vibrating elevators can be built in E 24.2 steel or in stainless steel.

Layout BYou can have two types of layout :

Layout A

The vibrators are set under the helical conveying chute.

Layout B

The vibrators are set above the helical conveying chute

The B layout is adopted in case where the inlet of product occurs at low height from the floor.

The supply of product can be made at any point of the trough of receipt.

SINEX vibrating elevators can also be used for heating, heating, drying, cooling, humidification, ventilation of certain products. For these conditions of use they are inserted in enclosures where the atmosphere is treated: heated, cooled, humidified, etc ... depending on the requested result.