Pneumatic vibrators

vibrateur_pneumatique_1_sinex1/ ROTARY (ball, roller, turbine)
- VBS pneumatic ball vibrators
- VBS pneumatic roller vibrators
- VARS pneumatic vibrators
Anodised aluminium body.
Very compact, producing very high forces
at rotation speeds of up to 46,000 rpm.

Can operate at temperatures from 100°C to 200°C.

•improving the flow of material in chutes and hoppers,
•avoiding blockages in the flow lines of bottles or similar products,
•compacting material,

2/ LINEARvibrateur_pneumatique_2_sinex

Linear piston vibrators: VLRS, VPFS, VLS

Steel or aluminium body, very robust, can operate in any position.


Compact and silent.

The weight-to-power ratio makes these vibrators particularly effective.

Applications: compacting, de-clogging, transport, sifting, dust removal.

Impacting piston vibrators: VPFS

Applications: de-clogging of powdery products.
Noise level: 110 dB.