Conveyors on leaf springs

SINEX vibrating conveyors on leaf springs are equipment of great lengths (up to 25 meters in one part depending on the design)trl_1_sinex

Depending on the size of the conveyor, the vibrating motion is provided by electromagnetic device or by motor-vibrators.

These machines are particularly inteded for the transport of dusty, abrasive or hit temperature products. They can be designed with a watertight double bottom for the circulation of cooling fluid.

Design – Special features

Superstructure : opened or waterproof rectangular conveying trough, which can be covered or cylindrical.

Infrastructure : Support part of the unit, which can be attached directly as « infinite mass » on a concrete slab or a very rigid floor.

For floor installations, the machine is set on a cons-reaction mass and isolated from the ground by spring supports.

Flexible link between super and infrastructure through leaf spring.