Sand regenerator machines – Vibrating sand grinders


The SINEX regenerator consists of a grinding enclosure made from rigid welded steel, with inner and outer spirals.

The movement is generated by two diametrically opposed vibrators. The rate can be adjusted via a frequency regulator, which also allows optimisation according to the product.


Thanks to a specific arrangement of the motors, helical movement is transmitted to the product, combining acceleration of the grinding process with large sifting capacity.


The binder is separated from the grain of sand by impact, without causing heating.   

The dust and the binder of the old sand are sifted and removed by dust removal (facility to be added).

A regenerated sand cooler can be installed in the outer coils. This operation is carried out by closed-circuit water circulation.

The features and definitions of the equipments (flow, consumption, dimensions) are obtained after analysing the customer's needs.