Vibrating bin activator

fond_vibrant_3_sinexThe vibrating bin activator is made of a stamped bottom with a discharge cone. A nose cone is supported inside the stamped bottom by cross-profiles welded on edge to avoid the retention of product.

A vibrating motor – two in some cases – is set outside the stamped bottom. The vibration amplitude is adjustable by positioning weights to each end of the shaft.

This device is suspended at the base of the silo by the mean of suspension rods fitted with elastic joint at each end to prevent the transmission of vibrations to the sides of the silo. The number of suspension rods depends on the type of each vibrating bottom. These suspension rods are connected to the silo by the mean of an angle bracket welded or bolted to it. This angle bracket is part of our supply.

An EPDM dustproof sleeve with an H shape, ensures a perfect seal between the angle bracket and the vibrating bottom. For safety, two clamp collars held it.

The diameter of the internal anticharge cone is smaller than the opening of the silo. The resulting annulus is calculated to ensure the requested capacity.

The design of the vibrating bottom is determined by several parameters: size of the silo, the product's physical characteristics and the requested capacity.

It can vary between 1 / 3 the diameter of the silo to free-flowing and 1 / 1 for fibrous or flaky.

Some other factors may also be considered to meet your needs.

The output of the vibrating bottom is linked by a flexible connection to equipment located downstream in order to avoid transmission of vibrations.

















The SINEX vibrating bottom has demonstrated that it was possible to obtain a continuous and regular flow of difficult products stored in silos by the mean of appropriate vibrations.

It is established that, under the effect of vibration, the friction coefficient of the product decreases, while the bulk density of the product increases.

The action of the vibrating bottom is to reduce the coefficient of friction and thus cause the flow.

By its careffully designed conception, the vibrating bottom eliminates the possibly of bridging, chimney, degradation and segragation of products inside the silo.

By its appropriate size, it will allow a "mass flow" following the principle "first in – first out"

The vibrating bottoms perfectly fits to the cylindrical hoppers. It can also be easily mounted in square or rectangular silos.

Compared with a silo providing gravity flow, the compactness of the vibrating bottom allows a significant reduction of the total height of the silo ans also a reduction of its cost.

The experience of SINEX INDUSTRIE for handling difficult products allows us to offer you the equipment that best suits your problem.