Electromechanical vibrating screens

crible_13_sinexSINEX screens with one-way vibratory movement are used in practically every industrial sector for particle size classification, dust removal and safety screening of solid and granular products.

Screen construction :

These equipments have been designed to receive all types of interchangeable screening meshes (screen cloth, perforated sheet metal, polyurethane panels, etc.).

According to their size, the screens can be installed or hung from shock absorbers with springs or inflatable cylinders.

The boxes are open or sealed by removable covers and chutes for recovering the various classes of product. Manufactured in 304L or 316L stainless steel for specific applications.

General characteristics :

Position: Separation of loose products by particle size according to 1 to 3 levels
Dewatering: Liquid / solid separation
Sifting: Small appliance with elliptic vibration for separating products with "fine" particle size of 0.4 to 8 mm. Available with electromagnetic excitation.
Screening: Medium-sized appliance separating products with particle size ranging from 8 to 50 mm on 1 to 3 levels
Pre-screening : Coarse separation with medium cuts from 30 to 500 mm via parallel or diverging bars.