Tubular vibrationg electromagnetic feeders

transporteur_tubulaire_EMA_3_sinexThe Sinex tubular vibrating feeders are used to draw out bulk materials or powders from silos from hoppers.

They are particularly advantageous in different dosing functions, such as: feeding of big-bags, weighers, conveyor belts, crushers, etc... They can be used in load preparation, or in continuous feeding

Options: machines hanged up or set on the floor, axial outlet tube, or tube fitted with several inputs, tubes of sheet steel resistant to wear, corrosion, acids

Advantages :
- Complete sealing of the conveying tube.
- Dusty products can be conveyed (product with high percentage of fine dust).
- Conveying under pressure or in vacuum conditions, in protected atmosphere...
- Regular capacity quantity that can be adjustable continuously by potentiometer.
- Capacity can be set or automatically controlled by the mean of a SINEX electronic regulation or by analog setpoint 4-20 mA or 0-10 V depending on various parameters.
- Possibility to fit amplitude sensors.

Low power consumption, no moving parts, so, no maintenance.