Electromagnetic vibrating plates (patent pending)

The SINEX vibrating plates have been designed and manufactured for various applications,  especialy for handling glass. They do away with the risk of dropping fragile products (bottles, glasses, vials) which   often happens with a stationary transfer system.

 Their robust design, , guarantees a long  life time,  with a continuous use,  and maintenance free. The amplitude of the tray is the same whether  it is loaded or not.  The spring steels, adjusting the edges on the feeder side,  remain in place by adding permanent magnets.  They facilitate and secure the connection with  the wire mesh conveyor.

sole_vibrante_1_sinexThey can be used in glass production,  mainly for  cool ends handling. They can be used for handling of all types of glass products ( stemmed glasses,  vials,  jars, large bottles, etc.).

Several SINEX vibrating plates,  installed side by side,  allow transfers on  various widths (from 850 to 4100 mm).

Settings: the amplitude is adjusted  through a SINEX electronic control box or  electronic board(EMC standard). The vibrating intensity is adjusted by a simple action on a potentiometer or remotely by a 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue input.

 Mounting: SINEX vibrating  plates can be inserted very easily in simple or automated production lines, allowing to be obtained the desired transfer lengths.