M210A rotary vibrators

moteur_M210A_1_sinexAdvantages and characteristics of SINEX M210 A vibrators

Robust, reliable, compact, low axis height, suitable for use in every position, easy adjustment.

Electrical properties
Low power consumption.
The particular electrical characteristics of this motor allow it to be used in a large range of operations around the nominal voltage value, or:
  - at 50 Hz: D from 140 V to 250 V
                    Y from 240 V to 500 V
  - at 60 Hz: D from 170 V to 300 V
                    Y from 290 V to 500 V
With a single-phase input voltage of at least 220 V, the motor can be supplied with three-phase 220 V via a frequency regulator (please consult us).
Connections protected against moisture, dust and the effects of vibration by special compound placed in the terminal box.

Mechanical properties
Better transmission of vibration guaranteed by lugs located adjacent to the bearings.
Generous proportioning of the attachment bolts to withstand the forces of vibration.
The M210 A VIBRATOR is provided with two permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings – maintenance free.
Centrifugal force adjustable from 0 to 100%.
Guaranteed service life at 50 Hz
Minimum 5000 hours.

RAL 3020 red paint
Other finishes on request
Construction - assembly - adjustment: Please consult us
Special voltages - Frequency 60 Hz - Other particular technical specifications
Please consult us.
Speed variation:
Speed adjustable by adding an electronic speed regulator between the source and the motor.
Fields of use:
The main application of the M 210 A vibrator is for vibrating hoppers in order to bleed them.
It is made up of an induction motor operating at 3000 rpm when supplied with 50 Hz current or at 3600 rpm when supplied with 60 Hz, driving double unbalances located at either end of the shaft.