Tips for passing the game Assassin's Creed III. Passage of the game # 044

Tips for passing the game Assassin's Creed III. Walkthrough

New York - West District

The head of the Assassin's Creed III remastered leadership below contains a map of New York and the Western district, as well as the location of side quests and hire quests.

Side Mission 1.

You must burn poisoned blankets. Win the guard next to them and press the interaction button.

Side Mission 2.

Take the fallen in the clinic for vaccination. You need to approach them and press the interaction button to deliver them to the specified location.

The mission will end when you put the fallen on the litter.

Side Mission 3.

Kill the poisoned dog.

Mission set

You have to protect the square with the flavors of the Templars. Enemies will attack in accordance with the timer at the top of the screen. The first group will suit you from the north, the second from the east and again the third from the north.

To protect yourself, open the Assessin Guild menu and select "Ambush" from the output from the clinic right before the timer reaches zero. Then your recruits attack any enemy that runs to the marked area.

In addition, shoot a pistol on the barrels. Their explosions should cause serious damage to the forces of the enemy. When the last group is destroyed, the mission will end. Go to the specified location, press the Assassin Guild button and select "Bodyguard".

New York - Northern District

The following chapter of our Assassin's Creed III RemaStered guide contains a map of New York and the Northern District, as well as the places of side quests and hiring quests.

Protect the farm from the upcoming enemies. It is worth helping recruits to the rescue, since the enemies will be much, and civilians may lose their health.

Win merchants to help starving children. Just do not forget to use fists instead of hidden blades.

Protect the family from eviction by defeating the guards.

The mission is to kill the leader of the Templars hiding in the nearest camp. This will help you with a new recruit skill - "Primanka". It can be used to lure the designated goals. Thus, you can distract the guards from their posts and safely penetrate into the forbidden area.

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