Conflict: Denied Ops passing tips - Main missions # 001

Passage and additional tasks. The management focuses not only on the elementary passage of individual missions (they are 10), but also contains advice on how to perform additional tasks that are awarded here with praise.

Welcome to the textbook "Conflict: Denied Ops". Hyde is based on the version of the game 1.0 and relates to the highest (extreme) level of complexity. In his step-by-step guide, I tried to focus not only on the elementary passage of individual missions (thereof 10), but also to include tips on how to perform additional tasks that were rewarded here with a laudatory mention (quotes).

Handstock Soviets

If at some point in the passage of this mission, I suggest sending both agents with different routes (if possible), then this is the right sentence. Often such a tactical game represents additional difficulties. This happens when one of the operators gets into front, i.e. It gets a serious injury and requires medical care. Then an attempt to get to him on a circular (more secure) road may fail - we probably do not have time to take time (because we have 1.5 minutes to cure a friend at the highest level of difficulty). Or we will not break through to our associate, choosing a shorter, but more dangerous path, for example, through the area, full of enemies.

If you need to save your comrade, then before running to it, throw a smoke grenade.

Mines are also not as added. In this game, an opponent inexorably, he does not let go - if we kindly leave the enemy alive, having passed the level, you can expect that he will try to strike into our back. Another situation: if to the place from which we have fire, there is a path that we have not yet explored, it is also worth checking it at first, in case the enemies come up to use it to get us. Finally, the Council, which is probably quite trivial, but it is easy to forget about it in the heat of the battle: it should often be saved by the game, especially at higher levels of complexity.

Your first task is to penetrate the monastery. Go straight, turn right after a few meters. After some time, the enemy Mi-24 helicopter will appear, but it will be attacked by rockets and destroyed by Apache. When this happens, jump with one of the agents to the statue / monument that you will see on the right.

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