How is non -surgical liposuction?

Liposuction has recently become a popular method of getting rid of excess weight - a process during which fat is eliminated through surgery. But it is precisely the need for surgery that repels people. An innovative proposal is non -surgical liposuction, safe and painless.

How non -surgical liposuction goes

Non -surgical liposuction is carried out pointwise in problem areas of the body. This method is not suitable for obesity, they will still need to take up themselves - to go in for sports and follow a diet. This method helps only adjust some flaws of the figure.

There are two options for the procedure: using ultrasound waves and vacuum apparatus. In the first method, the ultrasound “breaks” the fat to the state of the liquid, after which it is eliminated either using small punctures, or through lymph or blood. Liposuction by vacuum is performed like this - cuts are made on the skin, and the device removes fat.

Non -surgical liposuction - important points

Liposuction, as already mentioned, is suitable for those who do not have excess weight, but suffer from fat rollers on the stomach, hips, etc. In this case, it will simply be possible to remove fat, and the skin will tighten itself over time.
Today, ultrasound elimination of fat is the best option. At the same time, it turns out to maintain skin evenness, there are no scars and scars.

When you seek liposuction, you will be examined by a surgeon that will give recommendations for the procedure, shows the parts of the body that you need to process, calculate the final cost.

To fix the result, it is worth taking a massage course (1-2 months). The doctor also develops a power supply and exercises, without which it will not work to hold a new figure. Liposuction guarantees that in the place where the fat was removed, it will no longer accumulate, but if it is poor nutrition, you can provoke the appearance of fat clusters in places where they were not previously observed. Of course, this will not affect the figure in the best way.

Do not think that liposuction is a panacea. It is necessary to change nutrition, and possibly reconsider your lifestyle. There are cakes and sweets, lying on the couch, it will not work.

Non -surgical liposuction - reviews, prices, contraindications

You can not do liposuction, even non -surgical, if there are chronically occurring and in acute stage of the disease, skin damage in the area where liposuction, obesity, problems with the immune system, diabetes mellitus are required. In addition, women should not go to liposuction during breastfeeding a baby, pregnancy.

You can find negative reviews on the procedure, but they are all associated exclusively with the misunderstanding of its meaning. It is not intended for the treatment of obesity, but only for the correction of the figure.

Prices for non -surgical liposuction depend on the body zone, on average about 5000 rubles. for processing one problem area. You should choose Bitcoin casino for fair play.