Training Plans for Cyclists: Cycling Training Muscles


The beginner plan is designed for people who are just starting out in the sport, but want to push themselves and improve their overall health.

You should be able to cycle for at least three hours at a steady speed. For the first five weeks, you will be doing low-intensity exercise. The second half will have longer and more intense sessions.

It's recommended that you exercise between 6.5-8 hours each week. You will also need to spend some time on the bicycle to strengthen your muscles and reduce the chance of injury.


This plan is for riders who wish to improve their stamina for long distance sportives and longer weekend rides lasting at least five hours.

This 10-week program will help you to build your aerobic base. The plan will focus on muscle strength, followed by cadence. This will help you resist fatigue. The second half of the session will be low-intensity to increase fat use as an energy source. You will then be able exercise more and improve your overall health.

You will need to devote approximately 8-10 hours per week. You can also do some off-bike cross-training (cykling träning muskler).


This guide is perfect for road racers who want to focus on events between 30-90km & 60 km. This guide is great for experienced racers who have lost their fitness.

This assumes that you have at least one year of regular training and are already a proficient cyclist. You must also feel comfortable riding in a group.

The pace change portion of the 10-week program is the focus for the first half. These are vital in racing, whether you're responding to an attack or taking on difficult terrain sections. This will allow you to increase your anaerobic threshold.

Over the next five weeks, you will be working quickly and delivering powerful bursts o energy. This will allow you to work hard even when tired. This will increase your anaerobic power and VO2 max.

It is not about running long distances. Too much volume will only cause fatigue. It is therefore important to concentrate on certain race intensities in strategic and targeted ways.